Genre: RPG
No. of Player(s): 1 player

Platform Area Online Launch Date Price Format and Available on PlayStation®Store
PS3 / PSP / PS Vita US
$5.99 Access PS® Store directly from your PlayStation®3, PSP® or PS®Vita for digital purchases
Europe 11/10/2010 €7.99
PS4 / PS5 US
11/21/2023 $9.99 Access PS Store
Europe €12.49
Available on PlayStation®Plus
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"Grandia is more interesting, playable, and satisfying than most RPGs."
"...Grandia will always remain one of the best RPGs on the market..."
"Grandia is different and completely engrossing...it's an RPG masterpiece!"
-Game Informer
"The battle system in Grandia is one of the best I've ever seen..."
"This is one quality title right here."
-The Armchair Empire
"...Grandia is truer to what is at the heart of the best RPGs--a grand adventure."

Award for Excellence of CESA GAME AWARD '97
What is 'Grandia'?

Originally released over 10 years ago for the PSOne®, Grandia is one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time and was widely influential on the progression of the RPG genre.
While the franchise has sold 2.2 million copies over the last decade, the original Grandia is worth revisiting because the game retains its vast sense of exploration and wonder.

Grandia is an unforgettable journey with over 80 hours of gameplay. The player assumes the role of Justin, a young boy obsessed with becoming a great adventurer, who inherits a magic stone that leads him on an epic journey to uncover the mystery of a long lost civilization. He meets other adventurers who join him on his quest and as he unravels the threads of the ancient legend, he draws the attention of the Garlyle Forces who devise diabolical schemes to stop him.

The fight for the truth takes place across the world, with over 200 weapons, enemies, and items to collect and over 80 magic spells and techniques to master.
The battle system in Grandia is truly astounding and is what has cemented the game as a classic.
It demands familiarity with the characters' individual abilities, so the focus is less on customization than strategy.
The characters can counter or disrupt enemy attacks, which is a gameplay experience that to this day stands out as fresh and compelling.

This is a timeless game that can be appreciated by players young and old, casual and hardcore, and it is now available for download on the PlayStation®3 and PSP® from US PlayStation®Store's Game Archives.

If you played the game when it was first released about 10 years ago and miss the old days and a classic RPG, this one is for you!
And, if you haven't experienced this epic adventure, please don't miss the chance to play the award-winning classic RPG this time!


In a world of emerging technology and exploration, a young boy named Justin, who desires to be a great adventurer, inherits a magic stone that leads him on a journey around the world to uncover the mystery of a long-lost civilization. Along the way, Justin meets other adventurers who join him on his quest, which draws the attention of the militaristic Garlyle Forces who seek to uncover the secrets of the past as well.
Justin's adventure begins as he uncovers what happened to the ancient world and tries to stop General Baal from awakening the deadly secret, and he and his friends set out to stop the evil General and his diabolical plans...

Main Characters of Grandia


Justin lives with his mother Lilly in the town of Parm in the Old World.
Enthralled by ancient civilisations, Justin is always daydreaming about going on adventures.
He cherishes his spirit stone, a memento of his late adventurer father.
He is a hot-blooded youth, full of drive and energy, but simple and good natured.
If he has a fault, it's that he acts rashly without thinking things through.


Feena is an adventuress living in New Parm in the New World. A master of knives and whips, she is the most able member of the Adventurers Society of the New World. Popular Feena is bright, beautiful and active.


Sue & Puffy

Sue & Puffy

Sue is Justin's childhood friend.
Since losing both her parents, she is being raised by her aunt and uncle.
Precocious and energetic, Sue always tries to act like an adult, though her non-stop chatter sometimes gets on Justin's nerves.
She intends to be Justin's guardian when she grows up.

Puffy is a mysterious creature that Justin's father discovered on one of his trips.
Though he has wings, Puffy cant fly very high. He usually rides on Sue's head, which suits him fine, since Sue is his favorite human.
Puffy can understand human speech, but no one knows what he thinks of it all. The only thing he says is "Puff Puff!".

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